Architect Mehdi Khosrovani, RA, AIA – Founder and President of n|e|m|d
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Mr. Khosrovani is the firm’s principal business developer and overseer of the firm’s overall business and operations.

Curt Oliveira of Oliveira Associates Co.
Mr. Oliveira advises n|e|m|d on the commercial real estate climate as well as specific opportunities, and has been doing so for
over five years.

Steven I. Rosenbaum, Esq. of the law firm Poore & Rosenbaum LLP
Mr. Rosenbaum and his firm have served as n|e|m|d’s legal counsel for over fifteen years.

Larry J. Schoenfeld, MD of Coastal Medical
n|e|m|d’s business involvements with Dr. Schoenfeld date back more than twenty years. Dr. Schoenfeld advises n|e|m|d on
Rhode Island health care industry practices, competitive landscape, provider relations, trends and related matters. n|e|m|d
served as architect for Coastal Medical’s signature building at 900 Warren Avenue in East Providence.