South County Hospital Update

  • Sep 28 2022

Our team has been busy down at South County Hospital at the Wakefield, RI location updating the West Entrance. This project has been a stepping stone as the hospital continues to rebrand and update their main entrances. In order to begin work on the main entrance, the hospital needed to provide a "temporary main entrance" and drop off area. With the help of future developments within the main hospital, this space will act as a small hub for staff, patients, and visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of the hospital and find some relaxation in whatever stressful situation they may be in.

Through the use of materials and architectural features, we will connect what will be the two main entrances of the hospital that bring patients, visitors, and staff into the central heart of the building. The overall intent was to create a connection amongst the varying buildings and create unification through its architecture.

Stay tuned for more content about South County Hospital. We were commissioned to undergo a large campus master planning exercise which consisted of many additional internal and external off campus movements and various medical suite renovations. We look forward to sharing these additional projects with you as they move along.